When Island Folklore launched in 2016, there were few active English-language websites dedicated to Taiwanese tales and traditions. For prospective visitors, tourists and curious minds, this project was created to fix just that!

Island Folklore is an online repository of Taiwan’s folktales, history, legends, myths and traditions: From indigenous Austronesian tales to Sinitic settler stories; from customs imported by Japonic colonists to faiths introduced by Indo-European missionaries.

Taiwan isn’t a big place—barely bigger than Kyushu or Vancouver Island. But geography exposes it to a myriad of influences. Between East and Southeast Asia, the Pacific and the continent, Taiwan is both a frontier zone and the centre of crossroads where different cultures meet. In this setting, Taiwanese folklore evolved to be endlessly rich and fascinating!

So, Where to Start?

Let’s start at the beginning. Explore Taiwan’s names and history, as well as its many ethnic groups and languages. The following tabs will take you on a tour of Taiwan’s past to help you get started on this folkloric journey through the Ilha Formosa. Enjoy!

Island Folklore’s Partners

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