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In Island Folklore‘s Series VII, we take a little tour through Taiwan’s world-renowned culinary landscape. Some of Taiwan’s most popular treats, delicacies and drinks, along with their origin or associated folk traditions are presented.

Taiwan’s food culture is one of its biggest attractions for visitors and a major source of pride for the Taiwanese people. The island’s cuisine draws heavily from its Chinese roots. Add a dash of Japanese influence from the colonial days and plenty of indigenous Austronesian input, and what results is a dynamic and exciting culinary expression with endless possibilities and incarnations.

No matter your taste, Taiwan is sure to satiate your hunger and quench your thirst!

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  1. Rice Dumplings (14 June 2018)
    More than just a festival treat, rice dumplings are tasty snacks that the Taiwanese have loved for centuries!
  2. Old Man’s Tea (28 June 2018)
    An age-old tea ceremony that closes gaps and bridges families and friends in Taiwan.
  3. Ice Jelly (12 July 2018)
    A refreshing treat that brings an icy coolness to Taiwan’s sub-tropical summer heat.
  4. Bubbles & Pearls (26 July 2018)
    A modern Taiwanese tea innovation that has conquered night markets, teahouses and taken the world by storm!
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