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In our previous seriesIsland Folklore presented stories from the folklore of Taiwan’s indigenous nations. This time, we introduce some of the oldest tales from Chinese mythology.

China has historically been a very influential part of the Far East. Many ancient Chinese tales are today the shared and beloved heritage of multiple East Asian cultures. In much the same way that ancient Greco-Roman tales permeated throughout non-Greek and non-Roman nations in the West, ancient Chinese folklore has crossed political, cultural and linguistic boundaries over the millennia—from Vietnam in the south to Korea and Japan in the northeast.

Ancient Chinese tales were brought to Taiwan by colonists and immigrants beginning in the 1600s. These stories are still popular with the Taiwanese today.

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  1. The Great Race (1 March 2018)
    A race that determined the 12 signs of the zodiac and forever pitted cats against mice.
  2. In the Beginning (15 March 2018)
    The tale of the giant born at the beginning of time and subsequently shaped the world.
  3. The Mother Goddess (29 March 2018)
    The story of the mother goddess who created the first humans. 
  4. Fire and Water (12 April 2018)
    A catastrophic battle between two elements forces the Mother Goddess to take action.
  5. The Food Taster (26 April 2018)
    The story of a chieftain who died to give his people lifesaving knowledge. 
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