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Taiwan’s indigenous cultures take centre stage in this series of Island Folklore. Series V presents five tales from the diverse and fascinating Austronesian cultures of the Taiwanese highlands. Enjoy!

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  1. Red Cloak (7 December 2017)
    As newcomers settled in Taiwan, they faced the terror of the island’s notorious headhunters. 
  2. Downing the Sun (21 December 2017)
    An ancient Atayal tale that tells of two suns in the sky and the hero who shot one down.
  3. Sun Moon Lake (4 January 2018)
    The indigenous folktale on the origin of the beautiful Sun Moon Lake of Taiwan.
  4. The Old Chieftain (18 January 2018)
    The story of an old Taiwanese chieftain who dared to march against the Empire of Japan. 
  5. The Sun King’s Lost Kingdom (1 February 2018)
    17th-c. Dutch and Chinese tales of a powerful Taiwanese realmthe Kingdom of the Midday’s Sun.
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