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In Taiwanese tradition, the seventh lunar month is known as “Ghost Month.” This year, this Far Eastern Allhallows runs from August 22 through September 19 in the Gregorian calendar.

For Island Folklore‘s fourth series, six posts featuring Taiwan’s customs and ghost stories are presented to mark Taiwan’s Ghost Month. Enjoy!

  • Stories are published on dates listed beside their titles.
  • New posts roll out fortnightly on Thursdays at 9:00 AM Eastern.
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  1. Ghost Month (7 September 2017)
  2. Under the Hala Tree (I) (21 September 2017)
  3. Under the Hala Tree (II) (5 October 2017)
  4. The Ghost and the Fisherman (19 October 2017)
  5. Dead on Her Chair (2 November 2017)
  6. In the Shadows (16 November 2017)
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