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Island Folklore Series III presents Taiwan’s summertime festivals and an aboriginal folktale before capping off with a mini trilogy featuring Taiwan’s Hakka people. The final three stories follow the 17th-century Hakka migration to Taiwan and their subsequent efforts to build there a new home.

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  1. Dragon Boats (1 June 2017)
    The history and activities of the popular festival that marks the coming of summer in Taiwan!
  2. Seventh Eve (15 June 2017)
    A love story—once each year, two stars cross the “Silver River” for a long-awaited reunion.
  3. Bear and Leopard (29 June 2017)
    Black Bears and Clouded Leopards were not always black and spotted. This is their tale. 
  4. Trail of Tears (13 July 2017)
    This “hill song” records memories of leaving behind one’s home and sailing for the unknown. 
  5. Martyrs (27 July 2017)
    Memories of martyrs help a struggling people find their identity in a brave new world. 
  6. May Snow (10 August 2017)
    Under Tung blossoms, a new folk festival spearheads Taiwan’s modern Hakka cultural revival!
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