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In this inaugural instalment of Island Folklore, we introduce seven stories from Taiwanese folklore. Compiled in this first series are folk and children’s tales, stories of Taiwan’s traditional heroes and Austronesian origin myths.

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  1. The Mouse’s Bride (1 December 2016)
    From a children’s tale: On the 3rd day of the Lunar New Year, the mice welcome their brides.
  2. The Rooster’s Crow (1 December 2016)
    Why do roosters crow? Why do stags have antlers? Why are dogs good deer-hunting companions?
  3. The Pirate King (1 December 2016)
    In the late 1600s, a pirate king ruled Taiwan. Today, he is a folk hero and this is his story.
  4. Tattooed Faces (7 December 2016)
    The Atayal are an ancient Austronesian tribe indigenous to Taiwan. This is their origin story.
  5. A “Robin Hood” Tale (7 December 2016)
    This is the legendary tale of a petty criminal who became an outlaw and a folk hero in Taiwan.
  6. Paiwan Origin Myths (15 December 2016)
    The Paiwan people have many origin myths. Here is a sampling of these Paiwan origin tales.
  7. Dwarves Who Fell (22 December 2016)
    From pygmies to dwarves, legends of “little folk” exist all over the world, including Taiwan.
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